Medicaid (MMA)

Community Care Plan has a new, free program for those who qualify. It’s called, Community CareSignal. It helps us serve members who track certain health data. These data include breathing, blood sugars, or blood pressures. With Community CareSignal, you can get support without leaving your home!

How does it work? Each week, it sends a few texts or calls. They will ask for breathing, blood sugar, or blood pressure data. Most people can reply in a few seconds. Every response helps Community Care Plan. In a minute or less each week, you can send in data that can help you get support you as you monitor your (or your child’s) health.

How do I know if I am eligible? If you are eligible, you’ll get a letter in the mail soon. You may also get a text message or a phone call in the next few weeks.

My family is eligible! How do I sign up? That’s great news! Follow the instructions in your letter or your text. If you got a call or voicemail about Community CareSignal, call that number back to join. It only takes a few minutes to get started.

If you are eligible, we hope you’ll sign up!