At Community Care Plan, our mission is to build healthier communities.
And good health starts with you:
the voices that make up these communities.


In our Voices of the Community video series, it is our hope that voices
are heard by shining a light on the things that impact your health.

Introducing: Voices of the Community

At Community Care Plan, we don’t just want to improve health care. We also want to improve everything that can affect it. In this series, we'll discuss health, housing, food, safety, and money. All of the things that can impact your access to care, the quality of the care you get, and more.


Maternity Care

This video talks about how skin color can affect the health care that moms get. Learn what we are doing to make sure everyone gets the same care.


Mental Health

This video talks about mental health and how people don’t like to talk about it. Let’s not ignore and help people get the care they need.

More Than Health Care

This video talks about how your job, money, and where you live impact your health. Community Care Plan helps with more than health care like our Community Resource Center, HEART (Health, Education, Access, Resources, and Tools). You don't need to be a Community Care Plan member to use this website. It provides free community events and resources.

The CCP Difference

This video shines a light on our Community Care Plan employees. Our team is actively involved in the community. Our links to the community help us make a difference.

Check back soon for new videos.