Not sure what the next step is? To help you get the most of your child’s plan, here is a short list of important things to do.

  • Read the Welcome Letter and Privacy Notice provided in the Welcome Kit that was mailed to you.
  • Review your child’s new ID card from the Welcome Kit.
    • Make sure that your child’s name, date of birth, and Primary Care Provider (PCP) information is correct.
    • If something is not correct, please call CCP at 1-866-384-2926 /TTY / TTD 1-855-655-5303.
  • Put your child’s ID card in a safe place.
  • Expect a call from our Member Welcome Team to help you learn about your child’s benefits, review your child’s PCP, and much more. (If you have not received a call within two weeks of your child joining the plan, please call us at 1-866-384-2926 / TTY / TTD 1-855-655-5303)
  • Fill out the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) form and Medical Release forms that were provided in your child’s Welcome Kit. If you would like to complete these forms electronically, it is now available in the MyChart member portal via proxy access, or you can call our Member Welcome Team and they can complete it with you on the phone.
    • Place the completed HRA and Medical Release forms and return them by mail in the self-addressed envelope provided in the Welcome Kit.
    • Notify CCP of your completed HRA within 90 days and earn a gift card.
  • Call your child’s PCP and let them know of your child’s plan change. If your child has not had their annual wellness visit in the last year, you should also schedule an appointment with their PCP.