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The pharmacy benefit covers certain prescription medications, also called prescription drugs, prescribed by the child’s health care provider. Community Care Plan (CCP) has a specific list of prescription medications that are covered, known as the preferred drug list (PDL). The PDL also describes any requirements your child must meet to have a prescription covered, which is sometimes called a prescription drug formulary.

For prescription drugs, the medication must be prescribed by your child’s Primary Care Physician or a Community Care Plan – Florida Healthy Kids network specialist, doctor, or Florida Healthy Kids dentist, and must be filled at a Community Care Plan – Florida Healthy Kids network pharmacy.

Preferred Drug List (PDL)

CCP has a committee of physicians and medical professionals, including pharmacists, that decides which medications go on the preferred drug list. The committee considers issues like:

  • How well a medication works for most people;
  • Potential side effects or bad reactions; and
  • The cost of a particular drug relative to comparable drugs.

The preferred drug list may change from time to time. You will be notified if Community Care Plan makes a change to the preferred drug list that will impact your child’s current prescriptions.

Preferred Drug List

Preferred Drug List Tool

Brand Name and Generic Medications

CCP will cover the brand name medication if your child’s provider specifies “dispense as written” on the prescription. The phrase “dispense as written” tells the pharmacist not to make any substitutions. If your child’s doctor does not indicate “dispense as written” and you ask the pharmacist for the brand name medication, you may have to pay the full cost of the medication.

Pharmacy Locator

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Pharmacy Customer Service

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