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CMS Pharmacy Information

CMS T19 Medicaid Pharmacy Benefits Manager: Magellan

CMS T21 KidCare Pharmacy Benefits Manager: MedImpact

FL Medicaid MMA Pharmacy Benefit Manager
(Magellan RX) Information

  • Magellan RX Prior Authorization Phone Number: (800) 424-7897
  • Magellan RX Prior Authorization Fax Number: (800) 424-7913
  • Magellan RX Help Desk: (800) 424-7897
  • Magellan Specialty Pharmacy Help Desk: (866) 554-2673
  • Magellan Specialty Pharmacy Fax: (866) 364-2673

FL Medicaid MMA Pharmacy Locator

  • To locate a pharmacy for an CCP FL Medicaid MMA enrollee, click here

FL Medicaid MMA Preferred Drug List

  • CCP has adopted the current Medicaid Preferred Drug List for CCP’s FL Medicaid MMA enrollees. Further information on drug coverage can be found here.
  • For information on the FL Medicaid Preferred Drug Program, click here
  • For prior authorization forms for FL Medicaid MMA enrollees, click here
  • For additional Drug Criteria requirements for FL Medicaid MMA enrollees, click here

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