Medicaid (MMA)

CCP will assist you in getting the following services. We will work closely with your doctor to ensure the services you need are provided on time and by the best doctors.

Ambulatory Surgical Centers Emergency Room Services Portable X-Ray Services
ARNP, Physician Assistant and Physician Services Family Planning Services
Federally Qualified Health Center Services Primary Care Case Management Services
Child Health Checkup and Immunization Services Hearing Services Rural Health Clinic Services
Chiropractic Services Home Health Care Services
Hospital Services – Inpatient and Outpatient Targeted Case Management Services
County Health Department Services Therapy Services – Physical, Occupational, Respiratory and Speech
Midwife and Birth Center Services Transplant Services
Dialysis Services / Freestanding Dialysis Optometric Services Podiatry Services
Dialysis Center Podiatry Services
Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Supplies  

CCP Expanded Benefits

  • 2 basic exams or 1 full exam per year
  • 1 x-ray per year
  • 1 partial per year
  • 2 cleanings per year
Hearing Services 1 screening per year for 21+ years old
Home Health Care (non-pregnant adults) 1 visit per day
Influenza Vaccine 1 per year
Medically-related lodging and food Maximum of $150 per day
Newborn Circumcisions When requested up to 12 weeks old
Nutritional Counseling 6 visits per year for 21+ years old
Outpatient Services 1 speech therapy evaluation, and up to 3 visits per week for 3 weeks for enrollees 21+ years old, within 2 months after a cerebral vascular accident
Physician Home Visits Unlimited visits
Pneumonia Vaccine As medically advised
Post-Discharge Meals 10 meals per year
Prenatal / Perinatal Visits Unlimited visits
Primary Care Visits (non-pregnant adults) Unlimited visits
Shingles Vaccine 1 per lifetime for enrollees 60+ years old
$150 extra for lenses or frames per year for enrollees 18 - 20 years old
$100 per year for enrollees 21+ years old
Waived Copayments No co-pay for transportation services and laboratory tests
Click here to download the AHCA MMA Program Overview (PDF).