FL Medicaid MMA Pharmacy Locator

To locate a pharmacy, click here

FL Medicaid MMA- Magellan Customer Service

For questions regarding your prescriptions, contact Magellan Help Desk, 1-800-424-7897

FL Medicaid MMA – Magellan Specialty Pharmacy

For questions regarding your specialty prescriptions, contact Magellan Help Desk, 1-866-554-2673

FL Medicaid MMA Preferred Drug List

CCP has adopted the current Medicaid Preferred Drug List. Further information on drug coverage can be found here.

Glucometer and Test Strip Notification for CCP MMA Members-

Starting June 5,2017, CCP will let you get your meter, strips, and lancets at the pharmacy. You do not need to change pharmacies.

TRUE Metrix and TRUE Metrix AIR meters will be our chosen Blood Glucose Meter and TRUE METRIX test strips will be our chosen test strips.

Please talk with your doctor to see if you can use the preferred supplies. If you can use them, ask the doctor to write a new prescription.