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PlanLink is Community Care Plan’s online provider portal which gives participating providers the ability to check member eligibility, request authorizations, check authorization status and claim status, and send messages to Community Care Plan (CCP).

How can I enroll?

Participating providers can request access by completing the PlanLink Access Request Form below and return it to CCP at

Who do I contact to get more information about PlanLink?

Send an email to contact your Provider Operations Representative or call our Provider Operations Hotline at 1-855-819-9506

Who should enroll?

Any office personnel who need the ability to check member eligibility, request authorizations, check auth status and claim status should also enroll. The agency director, office manager or Medical Director will need to enroll as a “Site Manager.”

Will PlanLink access be given to individual personnel?

To ensure the security of patient information, each individual who uses PlanLink must have their own unique PlanLink user ID and password and must be verified on a monthly basis by their Site Manager.

What responsibilities does the PlanLink Site Manager have?

The PlanLink Site Manager must log in to PlanLink at least once every 30 days to confirm that all of the PlanLink users and providers associated with their office/group should still have access. PlanLink Site Managers will also receive occasional email notifications if there are any significant enhancements to PlanLink. It is important that they share this information to their associated PlanLink users.

PlanLink Access Request

Important information! Please read the following information carefully before completing the PlanLink Access Request Form:

  • Each person with access to PlanLink is called a PlanLink “user.” Each user must have an associated PlanLink “Site Manager”.
  • The Site Manager will be either the agency director, office administrator/ manager, or the main physician. The Site Manager must login to verify each of their associated users and providers at least once every 30 days.
  • If you work for a physician or physician practice, we need to know all of the physicians that you work with so that we may link these physicians and their patients to your patient list in the PlanLink portal.


  • Please complete the PlanLink Access Request Form and return it to CCP via email at
  • Based on the information you provide on the PlanLink Access Request Form, CCP will populate the official PlanLink system access forms and send these forms to you via email, along with three (3) system security policies for your review.
  • Review the completed forms and security policies that you receive from CCP, initial and sign where indicated, and return the forms to CCP via email at