Florida Healthy Kids

Community Care Plan pays for covered services only when your child sees a network provider. Your child will have a PCP (Primary Care Provider) who will coordinate your child’s medical care. If your child needs to see a specialist (a doctor who focuses on one type of health condition or part of the body), your child’s PCP will provide a referral.

Emergency services are an exception to these rules. Your child may see any provider for emergency services and a referral is not needed.

What is a network provider?

A network provider is a doctor, other health care professional, hospital, other health care facility, pharmacy, or medical supply company that has a contract with Community Care Plan to see Florida Healthy Kids enrollees.

How do I know if my doctor is a network provider?

So that you may search for network providers in your area by name or provider type, Community Care Plan is currently working on our online provider directory. Until our online provider directory is available, please visit the Florida Healthy Kids provider search tool at: